onsdag 18. januar 2017

#Dynafit WS Feline Ghost



11 mm drop, 260 gm (8UK)

Have tested this terrain shoe a few times now . 
Great and easy shoes in relation to the running experience. 
It has good grip feeling on the trail and gravel and even on asphalt it's not that bad . 
The sole has dense and fine " knobs " that are not too large . 
But to be a shoe that should sit well on rocks, they are too slippery. 
This was the shoe I used in X -run Oslo a 10K  OCR race. 
It did not stick well on roots and wooden walls at all, but absorb very little water and dried very quickly, so if u have to swim , this is no problem with this shoes. 
Overall a decent shoes but not a favorit. Ok as spare shoe - 
#trailshoes #runningshoes

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