onsdag 29. mai 2019

OCR 24 Hour Enduro World Championship - 2018

What happenes when you suddenly find yourself in the middle of an ocr-race from an other dimention?

This was the first World Champinship of this kind. And it was my dreamrace. I just had to do it! Did i know what was coming? Absolutly not. Did i care? Not at all! 

So for the last year i have been trainign and preparing day out and day in. Getting down the miles to get my body ready. testing out food and preparing clothes and other gear that was needed for the hole 24 hours. 

And so the day came. On the other side of the world, downunder, at 12 am, smiling at the startline.
We were all ready. Had been for many hours - you just can not sleep that long when this big race is waiting for you. Lucky for us, the rain that had kept poring down the hole week before, had stopped, and we could see the sunlight bursting trough the crakced sky. For the next 24 hours we were going to spend all our time at the 11,6 km long track again and again and again, as many times possible. A track filled with 30 obstacles and around 260 altitude meters. I must honestly admit, i felt the nerves rushing trough my body.

The result from this race, was a 5th place, 105 km and all obstacles completed. Soon i am going back for an other try!

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